As product managers, we want to avoid the ‘build trap’ (remember Melissa Perri’s book?) and focus on outcomes rather than outputs. I find more excitement and joy in creating outcomes and help both customers and business than chasing backlog items like a hamster in a wheel. A good way to break out of the loop is to change your perspective. If you rename feature requests to feedback, many things will change, and here’s why:

This story is motivated by a vivid discussion that got recently initiated on LinkedIn by Andrea Saez:

She says, you should not call feature requests feature…

Inspired by a vivid LinkedIn discussion, started by Andy Raskin, I’d like to share my thoughts on product management organizations I have seen in the past.

What is Product Management?

Product Management is a craft. People say, it is a hard thing to learn and do and I like to agree. Especially since there are no university degrees in Product Management, it is difficult to say what people should study when they intend do become product managers. I got into product management because I was not really an expert or even very good at anything. That may sound irritating, but when I tried to…

Blockchain, the hype of hypes, the buzzword of the century and a controversial topic. While some say it’s the revolution that’s coming after the Internet and singing the praises of our current web, others say it’s all cold coffee, we’ve always had such things and they went faster than they came.

That may be right. The technology has only been known for 10 years, so even in the age of the Internet and rapid development still young. As a result, hardly any productive applications are known and implemented to date. This is partly due to the fact that the legal…

The modern office is mobile and located in the cloud. To ensure that business partners will still be able to communicate with each other efficiently in the future, the electronic message needs to reinvent itself.

When Ray Tomlinson became the first person to send a message from one computer to another in 1971, he could hardly have had an idea just how revolutionary his invention would turn out to be. The email, as we now know it, was born. Now the American informatics pioneer has passed on. He leaves behind a technology which has provided many people with a career…

Coping with a flood of emails doesn’t only cost you a lot of time but is also extremely bothersome. Time to do something about it?

At the beginning of the eighties Werner Zorn received the first email sent to a German email address at the University of Karlsruhe. While prior to its development, messages and data still had to be exchanged with great effort via post, telephone or disk, with the innovative new communication channel email it was suddenly possible for information to reach its recipient around the clock — no matter where the sender and recipient were currently located…

Bernhard Hecker

seasoned product mgmt executive, startup mentor, blockchain enthusiast, digital strategist, speaker, traveller, father of two, always curious and learning

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